Strife Talk EP. 015 Robo Squirrel

On this week’s episode of Strife Talk we talk about the sudden demise of dawngate, Whilke confesses his love for demigod while Joe and Vexxie cling to their memories of Bloodline champions.

We also talk about the new pets and their possible effects on the meta, the new player rating that has everyone flipping out and the return of flaming cow.


– The intro uses pushing in old cassette sound from soundbible
– This weeks tune is Artha by KuraKibo


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Strife Talk EP. 014 Monkey Business

Episode 14 of le Strife Talk! Monkey Business

This week with panel members: WolfJoe, Whilke, Tintenfisch Joe and Vexxie.

After a long hiatus we are finally back to talk strife. This weeks topics include: balancing, the new heroes, a little history on flipside and the Thatchy house tour.

Top 5 Mistakes You Are Making in Strife

First impressions can often lead to misjudgement about a subject. Whether it is a co-worker, a restaurant, or in this case, Strife, it doesn’t take long to realize that S2games has developed a MOBA that certainly throws traditional mechanics out the window. However, there are many players from other MOBAs such as League of Legends and DOTA2 that remain stuck in old habits that are detrimental to their success in Strife. Today we are going to look at five mistakes that you may be doing in Strife. Continue reading

Controlling Your Opponent

To win in Strife, you need to destroy the enemy team’s Crux. Guarded by five enemy heroes, three generators, and six towers, this is not an easy task. The best way to conquer players in Strife is to control them, and you do this by creating relentless pressure. By creating and maintaining this pressure, you can essentially dictate the actions of your opponents and force them into doing something that wouldn’t otherwise do. Strife is not a game about merely killing the enemy team (although it does help), but rather controlling the objectives and your opponents. Today, we are going to discuss pressure and how it will help you win more games.  Continue reading

Making Lanes Work for You

Laning may be considered a staple feature of the MOBA genre. No matter which MOBA you play, there is a good chance that it will have a “laning phase” where players focus on last-hitting creeps within their given lane in order to gather gold and become stronger. While this sounds pretty straightforward, it has been taken in wildly different directions throughout the years. In DOTA2, for instance, you have the option of denying creeps and pulling in neutral jungle camps in order to manipulate the creep traffic. League of Legends lacks both of these features, but jungling ganks are far more accessible. In Strife, gold and experience are shared between team members and lane control contributes to overall map awareness, which is key due to the lack of wards.

Because of these vast differences between games, let’s take a look at laning in Strife and how to use its unique traits to your advantage. Continue reading

Strife Talk EP. 012 The Magic Touch

Episode 12 of le Strife Talk! The Magic Touch

This week with panel members: Whilke, WolfJoe, KowzKing, Tintenfisch Joe and Vexxie

On this weeks episode we talk about SPL Moving towards their second season, the fresh new patch with the hero that goes HAM and the new tasty enchanting 2.0